Supplements in Goat’s milk?

Hello! I’m transitioning my 1 year old from breastfeeding to goats milk. I decided to use Goat’s milk again cause it was successful with my first. Has anyone ever added any supplements, vitamins, oils, etc to cow or goats milk? For extra nutrition? Cause he eats really great stuff (he’s more bulletproof than me!) but I always wonder if he’s getting what he needs. Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks!


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    We didn't give any animal milks to our baby, but goat seems like a good idea. Look into Weston A. Price for some info on this kind of thing. My guess is they would recommend doing some extra virgin cod liver oil (Rosita's). Make sure if you get it, that it does not get left out in the sun on the way. Order from a place where you can be assured it is packed in ice or that it is in a climate-controlled truck. It can go rancid fairly easily.

  • Yes, the best source would be WAPF on this topic. My friend raised her daughter entirely on the raw milk cow's formula, and she's miles ahead of her peers. Goats milk is lacking in a couple key nutrients though, so its best to read up on it.

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