SKQ1 is a Mitochondrial Longevity Gamechanger (INFOGRAPHIC)

Skulachev Ions (or SKQ1) are smart antioxidants; smart because they specifically target the Mitochondria that actually need them. This makes SKQ1 a very potent, economic and safe anti-aging agent, I’ll make the case in this article that it’s the cutting edge anti-aging innovation of tomorrow.

A Youtube podcast I recorded about SKQ1

Scientific Research

People often ask me about novel Biohacks, exotic Nootropics or ground breaking anti-aging strategies. They will want to pay attention to the applications of SKQ1.
You can find over 150 pieces of published research on Pubmed, including two significant human clinical trials. So it’s firmly out of the territory of being an unpredictable pharmacologically active research chemical and is attracting the attention of mainstream anti-aging researchers

Here's the infographic

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