Mct oil causing stomach bloat?

Hi Everyone,
I am new to this forum and recently started adding mct oil to my coffee. I started with 1/2 tsp and am now at 1tsp once per day. I have had no gastrointestinal issues at all and have tolerated it fine, except that yesterday and today I have had major stomach bloating. My stomach is huge & I am up 5lbs on the scale. My diet has been the same (low carb, no processed food, etc) and nothing else has changed since I started it. I'm wondering if this is a temporary condition and is it common, or is my body rejecting the mct oil? Other than this issue, I am loving it. Thanks so much for any insight.


  • I am on the BP coffee for about a week and I have the same issue of bloating plus some stomach pain. Please advise. Thanks

  • When I fixed my diet the situation changed a bit, but it was unbearable anyway. I couldn't do any social activity. The discomfort keeps me inside my 4 walls. The only way I managed to placate my stomach a bit was by taking supplements. The pills called Total restore. You can check the info here But be careful and consult your doctor before using them anyway.

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