Fungal Infection / Red Light or Infrared / Brain Octane

Hi. Sorry for the long post but the more info you have the better. I fell ill 8 years ago with heart arrhythmia, vertigo, lethargy, rashes, you name it! I’ve had all sorts of scans, tests, etc, and still couldn’t get to the root cause. Forward many years and I have rid most everything by diet alone. Although I cannot get rid of the head fullness with ears permanently blocked and vertigo teetering on the edge. Following many diets, testing blood sugar, etc, I have come to the conclusion that it’s a deep routed fungal or yeast type infection. It flares up with foods higher in sugar. I have tried a low carb diet and infrared sauna for several months. The sauna did cause a weird spreading type movement which was interesting. I also tried Brain Octane for general reasons many months ago - I had a teaspoon for a couple of days and then started sweating profusely and passed out several times. I now feel that this could of perhaps been the caprillic acid causing too severe a die off as it’s in the head? My questions really are, would a combination of Brain Octane (starting with much lower doses) and red light be effective? If so, would I be better with red light at 660 nm or infrared at 850 nm and can I use these on the head daily? Any thoughts, tips and advice would be great! I want to rid this problem and get back to 100% : )

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