Bulletproof and bikini prep

Hi... I really need everyone’s help make or female when it comes to this advice.. A couple of months ago I was introduced to the bp lifestyle .. I was doing really well and felt like I was leaning out . I am 5’5 132 pounds at the moment.. when I was bulletproofing I was down to 127 pounds. I have been lifting and trying to prepare for a bikini competition .. I went to see a famous woman bodybuilder for her advice and she basically said I have way too much fat and little
Muscle to compete still... it made me feel horrible but since I started putting carbs in I don’t look or feel as lean... I am starting to Bulletproof again and look more into a keto way of life.. However I need help... anyone have any suggestions of how to lean out using this lifestyle .. how do I lose fat but still keep any muscle? I am lifting four times a week ..

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