How do I train on a Ketogenic diet?

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Hello everyone, I’m quite new to the forum but also to the Bulletproof diet. I actually started a Ketogenic diet about two weeks ago, not to loose weight but to gain mental clarity, energy and endurance. That’s also when I discovered the Bulletproof diet. And since then, I dropped from 70 to 67kg. I feel great but I would like to increase muscle mass. I am having trouble finding the right meal plan with the right training program, given so much info out there. My inclination is to do HIIT or even HIT (high intensity training - 20 min only two to three times a week). Any help or direction?



  • Dave did a podcast with dr Doug McGuff about HIIT.

    HIIT is a cool idea but I think you absolutely need to include more natural movement as part of your routine. I think that walking, yoga, and other pleasant, engaging activities are important as well, you can't abandon them.

    For a while a followed the whole "war on steady-state cardiovascular exercise" trends but I realized that this misses the boat on overall health. HIIT is probably awesome but you want to include a mix of other "traditional" exercises as well, that's my two cents.

    I use HIIT so that I don't have to worry about going all out in my other exercises and just enjoy the physiological benefits of movement and restorative yoga without worrying about building anything.

    IF is really good for mental clarity and endurance. I experiment with Alpha GPC , piracitams, Kombucha. The thing that helps me the most is IF - not eating carbs before supper and having my first meal at 1pm. Sauna is great but boring so I do hot yoga.

    I started doing some jogging outdoors without a shirt on as per Dave (well, he doesn't do the jogging, haha) , the vitamin D from the sun is great, even for just 15 minutes in mid-day sun

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