new to natto loving it just made some in milk

hi, anyone ever made natto culture in milk the only thing i can find online are scholarly articals and scientific papers. i just put some natto beans in milk while i was making yoghurt and so i have one pot of curdles milk now it actually tastes kinda nice, compared to natto beans anyway, its not slimey and it tastes a bit like peanuts, and a little bitter like natto beans. im going to leave it and see how it continues to ferment, im wondering how i might know if this will give me the vitimin k i am looking for instead of the beans. im guessing it eats the protiens as its very sweet so it haas not eaten the sugars like a lacto baccilus turn it to acid and makes it tart or sour, so its not tangy liek yoghurt, more like a creame caramel. anyway i just was so excited i went online ot find anything, apart from a patent which im hopefully not breaking ..and the papers i didnt find anything. natto is relatively unknown in my country but they do have it frozen in the asian store. i think i may have found a way to eat natto that is way nicer than the beans. there must be an asian dessert using this method laterady out there. anyway if anyone knows or wouuld try it out and see hwat they think id be so excited to have someone to talk to about htis. and how we might find out how much vit k is in the mil version. ok thanks.


  • ah cant believe nobody has tried this. im doing again with soy milk and its not working out very well. seemed to yeast ferment. not sure if thats due to temperature not boiling hte milk long enough or perhpas the soy milk powder has yeast in it...

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