Cortisol DHEA saliva result can anyone help?!

Hi everyone! Can someone help me please!! I have done a cortisol dhea saliva test and my results are confusing! I have searched on google try to ask on my page but I haven’t found anyone to explain these results..
I done a cortisol dhea saliva test..
My results were
Morning 4.5 range 18-35 very low
Noon 7.2 range 6-12 low
Evening 4.4 range 2-5 high
Night 2.5 range 1-4 high

Dhea 587 range 100-300

Iv no idea what the rollercoaster results mean or what to do or supplements to correct them would u know? Or do u know anyone who could help me?

Thank u much take care!


  • I'm no doc, but it looks like you get more stressed throughout the day, especially around lunch. That seems normal since you arguably work or go to school and have so many outstanding circumstances like nerves, etc. Go back to the BP book about cortisol. I believe that stress hormone can be hacked with deep breathing/meditative states, walking/light exercise, or bursts of energy like HIIT to wear you out so you can sleep. Saunas, dry or infrared, help me sweat out toxins that can add to the hormone. You can try tea, and of course, good fats and less carbs (think induction phase like Atkins...less than 20g), try to be "centered" by being in nature, opening and sitting by a window and breathing in fresh air, prayer if you have spirituality... anything to relieve stress. Avoid foods that stress the body, like plants and nuts that are susceptible to mold toxins. Try eating fish and two high quality veggies like steamed asparagus and cauliflower with butter and intermittent fasting if you are able. Just "clean your system" so you can think clearly about your problem and begin tackling each and every one of them. And you will be able to handle all your dilemmas with high, clean, delicious, nutritious brain food, aka fats!

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