Question About Energy Drink Coffee

So I recently heard From Dr. Mercola That 100% Black Coffee is beneficial, around 1 cup a day, and espeacily good as a pre work out drink.

But I also heard from him that as soon as you add sugar to it, you just canceled all the health benefits.

I want to have an energy drink that will help me get threw the work out easier, so here is my intention,

To make a drink thats a mixter of Caffeine, electrolight's, and sugar, all organic, all in safe ranges.

So I thought, ( i have a bottle of pure electrolights that i can add drops to water to regain the electrolights ) Why not just add that to my 100% black coffee, with sugar added to it, But Mercola said that you cancel the health benefits of the coffee if you add sugar to 100% black coffee, but would it be bad in this case, since im going to be using the sugar for the work out? So my understanding is, sugar is bad because since your body dosnt use it all while your resting, it gets turned to fat, but i also have been educated that when your runing, or working out, a sugary source, fruit, is good,

and are there good and bad sugars or are they all the same? Fructose, sucrose, stevia, dose it mater?

So Now im just thinking to get some sort of extract caffeine and add that to water, add sugar to that water, and add my electrolights drops to the water,

I guess my real question is about, is adding sugar to 100% Black coffee for a work out diffrent then adding it while your resting?


  • Hi Minimalist,

    I think you should check out some of the related info to working out on the site, especially I personally do not eat anything, or drink anything for 16-18 hours before working out. Leangains suggests BCAAs before a workout. I've never felt I needed anything more than the BCAAs to perform.

    As for the electrolytes, I personally don't like the taste of salted coffee!

    If you have to have a sweet, check the BP diet guide for Dave's recommended sweeteners here:

    Hope I've helped!

  • Will Sugar and 100% coffee work together without canceling the benefits of black coffee if I'm Using it for Energy?

    Why dont you eat or drink anything 16-18 hours before working out?
  • Hi M,

    I train in a fasted state because I feel great when I do it this way, and there are many health benefits outlined on site's like,, and (of course!):

    Check out these posts:

    Leangain's Guide

    Dave's BulletProof IF


    Dave's BulletProof Body

    One of the real draws to the BP site is that it is really up to you to find what is best for you to get the most performance with the least amount of work. I personally don't know if sugar ruins the goodness of black coffee, but you can try it. Keep track of everything you can, because only the metrics you tally will truly tell you if you are performing better or worse than yesterday, last month, or last year. If you want to have sugar in your black coffee, keep track of your performance and see what happens after a few weeks. Then change it up, no coffee, black coffe and raw honey, BP Coffee and BCAAs, the options are endless!

    hope I helped!

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