What's the latest in nootropic research / supplements?

I've been looking for a new supplement stack. Currently, I do coffee in the morning, then follow up with Magnesium, D3, K2, Iodine, B-Complex, and Fish Oil, sometimes with Ashwagandha / Bacopa.

I did a carb refeed today with lots of rice and protein, and can now fully confirm that I operate 500% better when I don't do this.

Have there been any noteworthy developments in the nootropics / cognitive support scene? Or, any other supplements worth looking into?


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    TULIP is something worth looking into..
    Magnesium Threonate is interesting... and Semax sounds promising too.

    Just a few off the top of my head.

  • Any other recommendations? I've used CoQ10 + PQQ in the past but found it relatively unnoticeable... it was maybe about as noticeable as adding more olive oil to my diet or taking a B5 or fish oil.

    I've tried Mg Threonate but found it about the same as Magnesium (maybe a little more sedating.)

  • TULIP combines LLLT with CoQ10, PQQ, which is much more noticable and effective.

    Methylesters Blue is another one to look into. :)

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    I'll have to look into LLLT closer (something to the tune of shining bright lights at your head?) I do get quite a bit of sunlight, but maybe there's more to be had with targeted devices.

    I do take CoQ10 / PQQ from time to time, but this is the same sort of supplement stack that my grandmother takes. Where I'm hoping to find something more intriguing like Aniracetam.

  • @TakingShotsFeelinBP said:
    TULIP combines LLLT with CoQ10, PQQ, which is much more noticable and effective.

    Methylesters Blue is another one to look into. :)

    Do you mean Methylene Blue?

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    It seems like Methylene Blue / TULIP were big on longecity 5-10yrs ago.

  • Yes, Methylene Blue.

    They (MB, LLLT) might have been around for a while, but both have solid Science behind them, are very cost-effective and definitely work well for cognitive enhancement for a lot of people (plus a low risk of toxicity).
    They both have similiar modes of action, in that they enhance mitochondrial function.

    Then there always new forms of the Racetams, which I haven‘t tried yet. (only P-Piracetam and Piracetam).
    You could look into new peptides too (Semax sounds promising).

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    Has anyone tried the new Smart Mode supplement in the bulletproof shop? It looks like it's mostly theacrine (I'm curious if this would be overkill for a heavy coffee drinker?)

  • Still nothing new / noteworthy?

  • I tried Noopept and i liked it.

  • @Kate_Bva said:
    I tried Noopept and i liked it.

    Hello, i'm new here but Noopept heard for the first time. Have you tried other like mindlab or braintonus ?

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  • Lately, I have my eye on mitochondria boosters (Idebenone / MitoQ / PQQ?), polyphenols (sulforaphane?), and psychobiotics (Biogastrus?)

    The psychobiotics seem particularly cool, but maybe difficult to actually pull off into meaningful gut-remodeling.

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