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Hey everyone,

I'm new and just starting to really dig into the bullet proof diet, my issue is I cannot stand drinking coffee. I bought some BPC to try again and I just cannot stand the taste. I also tried the cold brew and really do not like it.

I drink energy drinks on a daily basis and want to break that habit but coffee doesn't work for me.

Is there anything else that someone found that I can substitute for BPC?

Thank you.


  • Bull of HeavenBull of Heaven ✭✭✭
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    Hot chocolate 8-16oz of water
    1-2 tbl butter
    1-2 tbl mct or coconut oil
    1-2 tbl cocoa powder
    1-2 tbl raw honey or artificial sweetner
    1-2 tbl collagen powder
    Vanilla, cinnamon, other spices

    Maybe look into yerba mate and substitute the coffee for yerba mate. Taste is funky, but nothing like coffee and it should give you a zing and get you going!

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  • Try using the same recipe for BP coffee but just use fresh steeped green tea or black tea. Get good quality tea that your budget will allow. Try adding some vanilla powder if you like flavored drinks

    My wife hated coffee for years. But in the last year she has successfully been converted haha. She can’t go a day with out her BP coffee now. Good luck

  • Abe_RAbe_R
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    ^ This!

    I add adaptogens to my coffee: Rhodiola, Eleuthero, Bacopa ( I use Synapsa off nootropics depot, because bacopa has a half with a downer effect that makes me really sleepy if I just use the regular thing.), and Gotu Kola, namely. Try some of those with a good Machta green tea (this is better than your average green tea, already!)

    To hack your time, just buy a big bag of each & mix it up ahead of time & keep in an airscape or something similar!

  • You’re not on the diet if you don’t drink the coffee
    That’s what keeps you full
    Maybe try another diet

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