White rice??

So I've heard many times Dave refer to white rice as a good carbohydrate option. Can someone explain to me why this would be an ideal source over other more "traditional" healthy carb options? Ex: brown rice or quinoa etc.


  • The bran or brown layer of brown rice contains phytic acid. I have also heard brown contains around 80 times more arsenic

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    White rice is basically nothing but starch, that's why. I believe Dave's rationale is that brown rice, quinoa and other conventionally "healthy" grains are higher in heavy metals, toxins and antinutrients. For instance, brown rice has a lot more arsenic in it than white. If rice is going to be a regular part of one's diet, then white rice is probably the optimal choice.

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  • Got it- thanks!

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    Why isn't Quinoa a good option? It's a seed and very high in protein. It would seem to be less starchy than yams or sweet potatoes. Can someone give me some insight on why Quinoa is not allowed of BPD?

  • @Anita6007 I believe quinoa is very high in saponins, which irritate the gut lining. Also, quinoa can be contaminated with mycotoxins due to poor storage procedures.

  • Regarding Dave's recent email about rice which links to https://blog.bulletproof.com/low-carb-carbs-hack-your-rice-with-coconut-oil-recipe/?utm_source=salesforce&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter031118&utm_content=weekly-recap,

    I'm wondering if after the rice is cooked with the coconut oil and then quickly cooled, does it always have to be eaten cold? Are the benefits of this method of cooking still there if the rice is heated up again later?

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