Bulletproof Cannacoffee

Hello there,
I have been drinking BPC for around a year now and absolutely love it despite the constant ridicule of those uninformed individuals who can’t bring themselves to try it yet are so quick to arrive at the “that disgusting” cocnclusion. Anyway, that said I thought I’d share my BPC modification, basically I make a Cannabutter and use this in my coffee, let me tell you it’s the BEST DAMN COFFEE YOU WILL EVER TRY. About an hour after finishing it the special butters effects can be felt. I use it in the morning prior to lifting weights and as the effects start to be felt the focus I experience is incredible.

Will be attempting to bond the cannabis to brain octane next, as it will be far more economical, can let you know how it goes if there is any interest.


  • Search the forum. There is a great thread all about cannabis and pressure canning cannabis and mct oil.

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  • Wow! I want to give this a try too. I have been doing keto for quite some time now and I am drinking a lot of bullet coffee.

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