Nootropic + Androstene/Testosterone

Aloha Bulletproofers!

I am excited to join this forum! I have been Bulletproof for a year now and have been really impressed with the results. Not to mention, I LOVE the Bulletproof radio PodCast and all it's amazing guests. Such great continuing education!

So for my first Forum post/question, I will start with this:

Has anyone ever taken Modafinil (Dave's favorite Smart Drug), with Androstene? I recently bought the Steel Supplements "1-Andro3" Testosterone Precursor to give my muscle gain a little help. I have been having plateau affect for a while with my fitness gains and want to put some more lean muscle on. I take 100mg Modafinil in the morning first thing. I was wondering if I can take this Andro/Testosterone in the afternoon before my workouts, or if it is contraindicated with Modafinil or for some reason dangerous to take together? I know this is a random niche question, but figured a few of you out there might know. Many thanks for the insight!


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