Toxic mold/duodenal erosions

Hello ! 

Im in serious worry about my health and thought maybe someone could help me please. I had an encounter with black mold years ago in my previous home and have dealt with chronic inflammatory response syndrome, skin tingling and some brain fog ever since. I recently had a stressful period in my life, used too many NSAIDs and developed some erosions in my duodenum which were found through endoscopy. I have had nausea and weird dull pains under my right rib cage for close to 2 months now. At the moment im taking Nexium 40mg and it seems to alleviate the symptoms, but wont clear them out totally. Sometimes I feel the pain more than other days. Im wondering if the chronic inflammatory response syndrome and mycotoxins prolong the healing process or prevent it from healing ? I have tested negative for all the other parasites and helicobacter. 

Im really desperate and would like my normal life back.

I wonder if I would order zinc carnosine and GI Regenerate would they get rid of erosions ?

Dont know if the GI Regenerate thing is fake or not cause it actually seems to have 22 patents aswell. 

I would be grateful for any suggestions or help !

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