Differences in Kerrygold butter

Hey I’m new to the forum but have been doing the Bulletproof thing for a couple of years now. I wanted to ask this question to see if anyone else might have noticed and have an answer.

We’ve been buying our KG butter at Walmart for a while simply because of the better price. The Walmart version come in 2 4oz sticks per box. Each stick has 9 tablespoons.
At the other grocery stores in my area we’ve gotten it when it’s on sale. This version has 8 tablespoons per 4 ounce stick. And it also looks and feels slightly different.
The Walmart KG is more opaque and firmer at room temp. It still has its gold color but it’s definitely not the same color when side by side. The KG from others stores is more gold and way softer at room temp.
Just curious if anybody else has noticed this difference. I’ve stopped buying from Walmart because the KG butter just looks and feels “cheap.”

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