Some questions about Bulletproof and IF

I'll start by saying I have a boatload of health issues, all of them chronic. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, primarily, as well as fibromyalgia, insomnia, depression, and mild anxiety. EDS is systemic and can only be managed, not cured. I badly need to lose some weight for the sake of my joints and overall health; I'm not obese, but I'm definitely carrying some extra fat. I'm 5'8", and if I could get back down to 200lb I'd be happy enough, but 180lb would be even better. Exercise really doesn't work for me, as I can't do much of anything vigorously or extensively enough to make a difference. What little exercise I do is directed toward strengthening the muscle around my joints. The other problem I have is poverty. I live with my parents, and between my SSI money and my dad's pensions and Social Security we get about $2200 a month, almost $2000 of which goes to bills and utilities.

So, will Bulletproof and intermittent fasting work well enough for me to justify the initial cost? My mom is also trying to lose some weight, so she and I would most likely diet together, as my dad is on his own schedule and has his own preferences with food. I'm also struggling to convert the timing mentioned in various articles on the site to my internal clock; we're all extreme night owls, and while this might change if we all felt better and were healthier, it's not something to attempt to change while also dieting. By extreme I mean I usually don't go to bed before 6am, and I average 11 hours of sleep a night, between the days I simply can't sleep and the days I sleep an enormous amount (my record is 19.5 hours). My deep sleep is very good, however. We just function on a much later schedule than a lot of people, and given that no one in the house really has any external timing to adhere to, this is clearly the way our bodies and brains prefer it. But it does leave me a little baffled as to when I would eat on the IF diet. The Bulletproof coffee alone seems like an excellent first step, though, so I'll probably see if my mom's interested enough to try it, and we'll see about the rest later on.

TL;DR - I'm poor and chronically ill and on a very different schedule from the average person, will Bulletproof work for me? And how do I do the timing when I'm not usually awake before 5pm?

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