Glucuronolactone Effects

As someone with high bilirubin, I began researching glucuronolactone because I learned that it conjugates bilirubin and helps excrete it through the kidneys. I thought there was a good chance that it could help my brain fog and forgetfulness, assuming my brain fog and forgetfulness was caused by the high bilirubin.

After two+ months of daily doses of glucuronolactone, I am happy to report that it is a very effective treatment. The benefits took place almost immediately, as in, the first day or two. I have sustained my intake of glucuronolactone every day, taking roughly 1200 mg per day.

Where I would previously go through cycles of brain fog, concentration issues, and frequent episodes of forgetting, I just don't experience that anymore. My brain just seems to work properly.

There is no jolt, or rush, or "high" from it whatsoever. It's a very boring substance in that regard. But after several months of continued use, I don't have any "bad days" now.

I have not yet had bilirubin levels tested since starting on glucuronolactone, so there's a chance that I'm experiencing some other benefit from it which results in a more reliable mind, but as of now, I know it works for me. Also, given the fact that I'm starting my third month of success with it and I don't feel all excited and hopped up on it, I don't attribute it to a placebo effect.

Let me know if you've tried it and had a similar experience. Also, if you have high bilirubin, give it a shot and let me know if it helps.

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