Tumeric Ghee- technical?, not recipe

So as I've read tumeric is very fat soluble. I also make my own ghee regularly with 50% grass fed butter and 50% coconut oil, I figured why not add some diced up fresh turmeric and make turmeric flavored ghee...

It definitely carries over the flavor, smells wonderful in my coffee or when cooking, but I'm curious other than taste and smell, is this beneficial biologically, or a waste of turmeric? Or, does this somehow chemically change anything and make it not beneficial?

I ask because the little bits of turmeric look very much like when you would feep fry potatoes at high heat... they get very bubbly eventually dried up looking almost burnt and Float to the top eventually, even though I'm obviously making the ghee at very low temperatures the lowest setting my stove will go to.

Any chemists on here have any idea if this is negative or positive?


  • This should be a very good way to get the benefits of turmeric. It really needs the healthy fat, and heat will increase its bioavailability even more. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties remain.

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