RFLP, Insulin Resistance and PCOS

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share some recent experiences in hopes this will help someone with similar issues/goals!
Very first week of May I did the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol for 5 days, then did the carb reefed on Day 6. Lost a total of 9.6 lbs, started getting swollen breasts, and cramps so chalked that up to impending dooms day (period) starting soon. A week and a half after the protocol ended, still did BP Intermittent fasting, I ended up being 7 weeks pregnant, which unfortunately ended this past weekend with a miscarriage. As sad as I am about that, I'm so extremely happy that it even happened! 1.5 years of trying with NO signs of life in my ovaries and BAM! surprise pregnancy. I don't think the RFLP negatively impacted the pregnancy, I miscarried over 8 years ago, both times my hCg levels were non-existent so my body was just not responding appropriately and sustaining the pregnancy.
Back story: A couple months ago I went to the doctor and was told I'm insulin resistant vs. pre-diabetic, and have slight PCOS- Nothing I didn't already suspect. The Dr. wanted to start me on Metformin. I decided against that route, and instead wanted to seriously focus my efforts on clean eating, following bulletproof and fixing my body with nutrition.

This past week I started RFLP #2, to help my body heal and shed unwanted inflammation and water weight from recent events. Today is day 5, and this morning's weight in was -10.6 lbs! And I still have all of today to fast. This is very exciting, I'm already feeling much better! I feel less swollen, puffy, and crummy! Only a few short days after the miscarriage, and I'm at work (12 hr shift on my feet as a RN). I have energy, and pretty good mental focus. I am a little hungry now and again, and butter is getting increasingly less appealing but I cut small pieces into pill size bites and swallow whole! Haha! That helps hold me over. I'm following the protocol pretty closely to what Dave has laid out. My days don't start as early as 0600, so besides the timing portion- I do follow the supplements strictly! That has helped immensely! The charcoal pills are my only struggle, I don't take as much as I'd like to and they constipate me! But other than that, I think I'll try to incorporate a Fat-loss protocol fast day into my schedule, maybe 1-2 days a week! Doing 5 days is mentally exhausting and I couldn't do that every week! But a day or two to keep the momentum up, definitely!

Hopefully this helps other women in similar-ish situations! It is amazing how strong and resilient our bodies are, even after years of neglect or misuse! I'm 5'5 and currently 234 (Start around 260 at my heaviest). I have a ways to go, but I'm so motivated, especially after seeing signs of healing and hope!

Please share your experiences with me! The good, the bad and the whatever!


  • thanks for sharing this! Yay for signs of life :) Im a nurse too... It's great to hear you can survive the 12h shift without strangling someone.... or breaking down. I find its much easier on day shift bc the night shift french fry run is too tempting.... You know that whole it doesn't count at 0300 thought (hahaha it SOOOO does count still)

    Anyway, thank you for helping to get me motivated again!

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