How is acupuncture treatment done?

Hello! For many years, I have been suffering from back pain. From the age of 35, my life with back pain started and till now I have the same. Now I am 40 years old. I am a teacher by profession. Continuous standing postures are the reason for my pain. I have done many treatments, massage therapies, physiotherapy e.t.c.But nothing gave me a complete relief. I am very much disturbed by the back pain. I can't take classes properly. I can't even enjoy my life. One of my colleagues told me about the acupuncture treatment and she suggested the acupuncture centre in Mississauga. I don't know anything about acupuncture. How is it done? How much time will it take for a complete recovery?


  • It’s completely dependent on your therapist and their experience. But I would definitely recommend accupuncture for back pain. How are your stress levels? I have bad posture, but I find that when I’m stressed is when it gives me grief. I’d recommend a daily yoga practice that came make the world of difference and bi-weekly accupuncture.

    Good luck!

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