Neuroptimal professional tablet bundle purchased a year ago.I am a neurology doctor and very busy,I used it minimally
All included , in excellent condition and have 6 months PASS membership
Asus laptop
USB cables
I purchased the unit from neuroptimal for 9,500.00
Now pro3 is 10,350.00,it needs 1,195.00 to be pro3
My price is 7,000.00 and transfer fee

You can message me
Dr Oya Ayas


  • I am interested.

  • I am from Turkey ,Istanbul.I am a doctor,neurology specialist,my son is educating in NYC.Where are you from?If you are from US, I can send it to NYC and you can check it?Or what you want?

  • Hi Dr. Oya, Is your unit still for sale? Thanks

  • Yes,Hauswirth it is for sale.

  • Would it be possible to give you a call and ask you a few questions? Thanks. Michelle

  • Of course Michelle you can call me from 00905366440711

  • Hi, you are in Turkey? I can't even imagine how I might be able to get this from you as I am in Canada. Any chance you are coming this way? Or do you have any thoughts regarding this? Thanks! My email is [email protected] Thanks!

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