Made my first bulletproof coffee- next steps.

Hi guys,

Took the plunge and bought some MCT oil, Ghee and decent coffee this week. Made my first BCP today, definately feel sharper in not too long a time.

A couple of things, I'm not strictly planning to do a full keto type diet immediately- but am researching it in detail so that I know what is required so that if I decide to take the plunge I'm prepared.

I do a fair bit of gym work including running, weights, compound exercises. One thing I do is take protein bars, or carb up before doing so. Having looked at the protein bar's carb content it surprised me how much was in a 40g bar- 26g. I do eat a lot of rice (though I know Dave says white rice is actually okay for you) and more bread than I should.

Obviously I know if you just do the BCP every day and nothing else you'll be much better off than nothing. But how would you advise I gradually shift my diet overall- for the moment just do the BCP and maybe take the MCT oil sometime before or after a meal so that I'm more satiated and eat less?

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