Really poor detoxifcation?

My detox pathways seem to be really poor and i think it's like this genetically since my mam has similar issues and my sister also. I can't detox fast enough and it causes me to get worse, even when i go on a healthy balanced diet this happens. Is there anything i can do to help my body detox faster? I have low gut immunity too. I can't do anything healthy or else my body reacts to it. I know detox reactions happen to people all the time but mine doesn't go away. It just keeps getting worse and worse for weeks until i eventually stop eating as healthy. The most recent one i had was when i was eating lots of vegetables, healthy meats... sweet potatoes... etc and i felt the worst i had felt in years. Also during this time i hadn't touched alcohol for like 3 months so on paper i should of been getting healthier instead of a lot worse.

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