IF + low carb + BP coffee = memory loss??

I usually do a combination of IF, a low carb diet, and BP coffee together, which generally leads to rapid weight loss. I've been on and off this diet many times and I've noticed distinctly that when I'm on it my memory is horrible. I forget little things like why I walked into a room, why I went to the store, a conversation I just had, and even what I did the day or weekend before until I think about it for a while. I've done it enough times that I'm positive it is from this diet combo. The question is, could it be one of these that's causing this or the combination of all of them? is low carb starving my brain of glucose?

It'll be hard to try each individually to see if one is the culprit or not, so I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas before I try giving up one of all of them? Or is there a supplement or food I should try adding?


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