Coconut Oil and Cycling

So on a cycling video discussion about nutrition, this was a comment in a reply to me about MCTs and coconut oils

"Coconut is no good for cycling because it can cause post prandial lipidemia which lowers blood oxygen availability same as all refined fats and oils. Also the MCT thing is just marketing hype. Coconut oil is excellent for putting on the skin if you have been riding in dry or cold conditions and it smells great. But as for eating it it’s not great. Cyclists need carbs to go fast look at any racers lunch bag they all have sugery gels and complex carbs as the bulk of their nutrition I think GCN did a video on this so you can see for yourself 😉🌶🌶 postprandial lipidemia needs to be seen under a microscope to be understood by a lay person. What you will see is the fat in the blood causes the blood cells to clump together they actually look like stacks of coins as a result of this it reduces the surface area of the cell thus reduces the ability to distribute oxygen and nutrients to the body. As for mct’s in coconut oil the details on how they function in the body is all well and good but you are ignoring the fact that the quantities found in coconut are so low that any benefits that could be derived are overridden by the 80+% saturated fat that coconut oil is made from. Even vegans are warned against eating too much coconut oil because of the heart disease risk that’s how bad it is."

Anyone care to comment or help dissect it? He hasn't cited anything in his argument so I'm led to believe he's misinformed.

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