Knocked out of ketosis

Hi all, I’ve been eating ketogenic for around a month and doing really well. Managed to keep ketones high (Ketostix) and weight is coming off and body fat % reducing.

Until yesterday/this morning!!! Something has knocked me straight out of ketosis! The ketones were barely traceable on the Ketostix this morning and I put on weight - 1.5 lbs in a day!!!

Yesterday I ate:
Cheese omlette
Saag paneer (paneer, spinach, cream, spices)
Fathead nachos with guacamole
And a fair few pecan nuts that I Coated in a Keto recipe for sated caramel and 100% dark chocolate - wow these were amazing!!

My thoughts are that it was the salted caramel. I used:
Heavy cream

I have been using xylitol in small quantities and been ok but this recipe had quite a lot in so I’m
Wondering if I’m this quantity it makes the recipe not really ketogenic?

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