How to loss weight naturally?

Hi, guys. My wife age is now 26. Before two years ago her weight was 53 kg, and she thinks it's normal. Last year march she pregnant and Last September she delivers a girl. Now day by day her weight increasing she can not control. Now 69 KG. Any suggestion on how she decreases her weight naturally. She did not take any medicine.



  • She probably needs to try staying as active as possible and intermittent fasting. If shes is eating the wrong high carb foods, that could be affecting her hormones. She should get some hormone testing done to make sure nothing serious is going on.

  • Poor woman. She must be very stressed. MyFintess Pal app will help with getting a sense of how many calories are going in and how many getting burned with exercise. Then she can start to figure out where the weight is coming from. Maybe too much carbs, or too much sugar or both? Or maybe her diet is ok and she needs more exercise. Hard to imagine with an infant to care for, but could be.

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