Physician Recommendations & General Advice


I am have been treating my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder 2 with a ketogenic diet while also under the care of a primary physician and a specialist. Both of them are fully aware of and support my use of ketosis. However, neither has an expertise in the modality of keto. I have successfully been off of pharmaceutical medications for Bipolar and ADHD for 11 years now, and I am seeking to further refine my dietary and supplement program.

I am seeking recommendations on the following:

1.) A physician or other professional practitioner, preferably who takes insurance, who can assist me with the above. I am looking for someone with experience treating patients using keto and other dietary modalities. Ideally they would be located in South Florida, but I am open to any location as long as they will see patients remotely.

2.) Do you have any general advice relating to treatment of Bipolar symptoms using keto, the principles from Head Strong, and other Bulletproof techniques? I am happy to provide further details around my current protocol.

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