Using exercise for stress management

Hi all, I'm running a study on how exercise can be used for stress management and was wondering whether there are any people here living in and around London, UK and would like to help me out? The study looks at what helps people manage their stress, specifically, which exercise and relaxation activities and how frequently they should be performed, whether the activities we choose and stick to are in any way related to our initial subjective stress levels and stress coping styles. I'm using two apps for data collection. One is called Welltory, which is a quantified self app that measures stress by using your phone's camera (HRV based), the other app is and includes a range of physical and relaxation activities that people can perform and monitor. The idea is that you can use to set goals for exercising and relaxing and see how the activities you complete affect your stress by using Welltory.

If you live in and around London and are interested in using the two apps for 3 weeks and sharing you self-tracking data please get in touch with me [email protected] You would get free access to Welltory PRO (worth $79) for a year + £40 for participating.

A bit about me: I'm a PhD student at the University College London in human-computer interaction and this is a part of my PhD project. I'm also planning to make the resulting anonymised dataset open source for those of you interested in this topic.

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