Inner Balance Score

I am bit confused because I've been using the app for around 7 months and my score is consistenly averaging at around 6+ for the last 6 weeks with my best score being at 7.3.
However, I don't feel like it is doing anything for me because I am still struggeling with stress symptoms and oftentimes feel strung out. I have to juggle a hectic schedule at work with long working hours and I am working out 5 times a week at the gym, usually early in the morning before work. I have to add that I feel stressed easily when I have to deal with multiple tasks.

The reason why I am achieving these high scores is because I am staring at and sticking to the mandala breath pacer all the time and really thrust out my chest everytime I breath in. That is really doing the trick for me.
Oftentimes my thoughts wander off but this seems to only slightly effecting my results. I had sessions when I was thinking about all kinds of things the entire time and still achieved a high score.
Closing the eyes and trying to recall a regenerative feeling causes my scores to plummet. This ain't working for me.

I am afraid that I am kind of manipulating my results by using the technique described above.
Any input on that from experienced users is highly welcomed.



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