Please help not sure what to do, feel worse than when i started the diet.

Hi Everyone, Have been now fully I/fasting bulletproof green only diet for over a week and I feel much worse than before. I can't sleep keep waking up at 2am with hot sweats. No energy almost like full on adrenal fatigue (have to keep stopping now when walking the dog) Feel brain fog like a car hit my head every day (again I used to feel like this when I had adrenal fatigue)

Past health wasn't great but recovered from adrenal fatigue, had over 100 food intolerances but now halved that. Still have alittle leaky gut and Candia. I can use kinesiology to muscle test what foods work with my body and everything im eating seems to be ok.

I weight 11.5 stone 5ft 7 and 40 years old. I know I might be suffering from Keto flu but I ready to stop as I honestly am feeling like I did when I was at my sickest.

I tried a re carb feed low protein day yesterday - it seems to limit the sickness and shattered feeling for a little while but then fell asleep three times during the day.

I thought maybe I might need more carbs than less than 50grams per day as Dave mentions in the posts, tried 100grams but still waking up at 2am feeling like im going to pass out with the heat... I had to go outside and sit in the garden last night... not like me im almost always cold :-)
ps- cant drink coffee or caffine so have been having raw cacao with butter and brain ocataine oil for breakfast.

I also upped my protein a few days as I was only having 60grams which again felt alittle better but still feeling awful.

Today I am not fasting and just following the normal bulletproof diet to see if that helps.

Anyway please any suggestions..... really would like this to be a way I can eat for longer term.



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