Amasi with coconut milk

Hi guys,

Normally Amasi (Amasai) batches are made by using grass-fed full fat raw organic milk. I'm from Belgium and I have no access to grass-fed raw organic milk, I use pasteurized milk for now. Since I don't like to drink pasteurized milk all the time, I was wondering if I could make my amasi batches in a different way by using coconut milk and still remain healthy amasi cultures:

  1. Make an amasi batch with the best milk you can find.
  2. Use a spoon of this batch to make an amasi batch with coconut milk, and eat this batch.
  3. Use a spoon of the first amasi batch made with milk to make an new amasi batch with milk.
  4. Use a spoon of this new batch to make an amasi batch with coconut milk, which you can eat.

In this way you can eat amasi cultured by coconut milk, while remaining healthy amasi cultures using milk batches.

What do you guys think of this method?

Thanks for suggestions in advance!


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