Brain Octane Oil eating plastic coffee lids and styrofoam

Can someone please tell me why Brain Octane Oil splits plastic coffee lids and styrofoam cups. How dangerous is this for our own bodies?


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    Hi @kfadel
    It's not just Brain Octane, other oils do this as well.
    This older thread has more info;

    I presume you saw the ~warning info on the bottle.

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  • Thank you for responding. I think it’s obvious we didn’t read the label, hahaha. I have been using your product for 6-9 months and wether it be in combination with my Keto way of living or it’s own merit, I am enjoying the seemingly beneficial aspects. So much so that I give it to my dogs as well!

    However, my husband, who is health conscious as well, is now freaked out and isn’t convinced this can be good for us if it eats through porous items. I haven’t mentioned the following to him; the only side effect I have from drinking it is my throat immediately becomes scratchy and it causes reactive coughing. Just a cough or two. What information can you provide me that would put his mind at ease and back to using your product and what explanation do you have for the itchy throat only when I drink it?


  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭

    Try the forum Search,
    eg. Search for; MCT Throat
    Other members have reported the same issues that you are having

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