Detoxing and have Bloody Stools

Hello Everone,

I'm a newbie. I just started the TeDevina detox tea on Sunday night and I now have bloody stools. I spoke with the person that I bought the tea from and she said this is normal. Does anyone know if this is normal?




  • that is not good if it is normal. it is not normal for your bowels to bleed. are you sure its not just making your stools red, there could be some reason it is turning them red. but honestly why the hell would it be normal for your bowels to bleed? from tea? your bowels are not supposed to bleed. ever. at all. and certainly not to detox? would you take a detox tea that made your arms or eyes bleed? come on dude.... if you are bleeding out of any orifice except your vagina this is not a good thing. basic biology 101 keep the blood inside the blood vessels!!

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