Perioral Dermatitis / antibiotics / skin probiotics

So I've got this mystery rash around my eyes, and on my eyelids. I've had it for 10 months now. I believe it was originally misdiagnosed as contact dermatitis (more like an allergic reaction), that was treated with steroid creams. This helped temporarily, but flare ups came more often. I've tried every natural cream and ointment on the market, and everything made it worse. It can cause painful raw skin, and even styes that get infected.

So, now a new dermatologist says it's Perioral Dermatitis, and self describes it as a mash-up of rosacea and acne. Partly caused by cellular inflamation and partly caused by bacteria on the skin.

I have a hard time believing that I have any cellular inflammation of any significant value due to the fact that I've been very hardcore bulletproof diet for about the last 6 months. Im constantly doing everything in my power that's anti-inflammatory. I have no history of any other health issues ever in my life, 36 years old.

But maybe, I thought I've got a little bad bacteria living in my skin around my eyes somehow. Part of the regimen the doctor wants me to do is a six-week protocol of Doxycycline antibiotic orally, along with a topical clindamycin antibiotic cream! As anyone on here who's bulletproof can imagine, I'm incredibly worried about taking antibiotics for this long. But the doctor is telling me that as they are not really sure of the cause, that these bacteria in the skin, if that's what it is, are really really hard to kill and it's necessary to be on the antibiotics for that long. My personal thoughts are a more natural approach to balancing my skin biome maybe...

This is the 3rd dermatologist I've seen, and the best diagnosis I believe that makes sense. I'm not getting a fourth opinion, now I'm just debating on whether to follow his treatment, or keep my own search going.

Has anyone else on here had a similar diagnosis and how did their treatment go? Has anyone on here attempted to treat this naturally what were their results? Has anyone on here had any experience with using probiotics on their skin to battle some of the bad germs? Or any experience with skin probiotics helping any kind of skin conditions?


  • Have you tried organic skin care?

  • Just to update, bc, the ads without updates suck.

    In response to organic skin care, yes, actually, I've always used organic skin care as far back as I can remember, even as a child. As a matter of fact, even organic, I was over-washing as many Americans do. In my late teens, my acne completely cleared up and went away for good when I started only washing my face once per week.

    But 37, and after 20 years of perfect skin I get this eye rash. I went ahead and followed the Dr.s protocol with really high doses of oral and topical antibiotics for 6 weeks. It killed the skin rash around my eyes completely. I followed Dave's protocol for diet and supplements while on antibiotics to minimize effects, although as soon as I came off the antibiotics I did get sick back to back twice, and dealt with some depression, and different poops for a few months. It's been several months now with no return of eye rash, and my poops are normalized, my mood is stabilized, but my immune system still feels a little off, I'm constantly getting colds. Still working on this.

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