My Magic Bullet exploded :O

So, I saw this video about preparing bullet proof coffee on a Magic Bullet, it looked awesome, easy to prepare and clean, so I bought one!, since doing with my old blender was a pain in the ass.

It worked great for about 7-8 coffees, then the last time I used the cup it cracked and my wall suffered a nice coffee stain, that I'm still trying to clean.

So, I cleaned up,, threw away the broken cup, and tried another one, this time with less liquid, and less hot.

Not sure from where or how, but the thing exploded, coffee everywhere. Took me a good 30 minutes to properly clean my kitchen.

So, then of course I googled it, and looks like I was to blame since you are not supposed to put hot liquids inside a magic bullet cup. Cool.

Then my question is, is there any thermal cup or something like that to put on magic bullet? because I really like it's practicality, it would be a shame to just discard it for this at least.


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