Toenail Fungus Treatments?

Hey guys! I am new to the Bulletproof forum and am having some issues with toenail fungus which I got from showering at my local gym. It was first athlete's foot and then transformed into toenail fungus right before my eyes.

Anyway, I've had it for like 5 months now. I first went to the doctors and was prescribed an ointment (can't remember the name) but I used it as prescribed and even got refills and after like two months there was no change... Not even a new nail growing back. Maybe the fungal infection is too strong.

I'm currently trying to use ACV soaks and applying it directly to my infected nails. I've been at it for a few weeks with some improvement but I am open to any suggestions.

I read a little about products from this website but I am uncertain about them since everything seems like a ad.

If anyone has any suggestions, preferably natural treatments, I am all ears!


  • worked for me in about 3 a good nail file. File your nasty nail clean off down to the skin........this will not hurt. Apply any toenial/anti fungus onto top of toe for one week or more.......up to you. Get finger cots from amazon (litlle condoms for fingertips) and put them over your toe to contain ointment or cream while foot is in sock during day. I'll guarantee you your fungus will be gone inside of a week. Worked for me and this is how the doctor does it except he uses a scapel.

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