Lipid Bilayer of Cells: A Discussion on Fats

So, I've heard both side to the **saturated vs unsaturated fats **debate. I'm going to throw hydrogenated fats out the window here. Responses differing between mono- and poly- unsaturated are welcomed, but I'm simply most concerned about answering the saturated vs unsaturated question, or at least to gather perspective.

I'm a little confused when it comes to fats that make up the lipid bilayer of our cells. In school, they taught that having fats with double bonds in the lipid bilayer allows for membrane fluidity. On the other hand, having lots of saturated fats in the bilayer will make it more rigid. I understand in the body we will inevitably have a mixture of both, and form what I have researched this is a good thing that allows both "gel" and "liquid" phases to exist within the bilayer at the same time. This can allow for certain distributions of proteins and other things in the bilayer.

Sooo... What is the bulletproof take on the ideal make up of fats in the lipid bilayer? Is a high concentration of saturated fats bad as I was taught in school? I know the bulletproof diet stresses high quality, unoxidized saturated fats. Please help me understand this subject.


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