Pancreas issues

Hi all, new to the forum and first time posting. I started Keto back in January and after working the kinks out feel the best I ever have!! No real health issues, my mom has Alzheimer's and my grandmother had dementia so for me its all about brain health and overall good health. 12 pound weight loss just an added bonus.

I did a search but cant find answer to my specific issue so forgive me if this has been covered. About 6 weeks after starting keto I did notice an elevation in body temp after eating high fat meal. subsided and have had success since., well until maybe 4 - 6 weeks ago when I noticed issues with organs...gallbladder some kidney (both of which have subsided) and now it seems focused in pancreas. I would never call it pain but more discomfort, stronger at times than others. I am very entuned to my body so I can feel something off. I finally gave in and went to my Dr. We started with pelvic and abdominal ultrasound. results showed organs good but remarks regarding pancreas as follows " slight fullness in tail of pancreas. no pancreatic ductal dilatation. prominence of the tail of pancreas"
Dr ordered Ct with IV contrast which I said no to contrast and went this am for CT. I have a follow up with Dr for results tomorrow.
Has anyone else experienced pancreas issues with keto and how did you modify? Any advice appreciated and helpful. I have already adjusted my macros while staying in ketosis.


  • I'm having pancreas issues as well. Heading to an integrated medicine doc tomorrow to hopefully get some help. Will let you know if I get any good advice.

    In the meantime, I've heard Dave and his guests repeatedly suggest Betaine HCl and ox bile digestive enzymes to help with digesting protein and fat. I also found this article:

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