Female sexual dysfunction

My wife has been suffering from vaginal dryness and sensitivity. We both have been eating in the bulletproof green zone for 9 months now, but she does NOT do intermittent fasting.

In my opinion, this started about 1 month after she choose to remove meat from her diet. (Shes not fully onboard with that theory, but I see the timeline matching up).

She didn't fully remove meat, I can get her to eat a 4oz grassfed lamb burger about twice a month, and she'll eat sockeye salmon about twice a month. She does eat 1 pasture raised egg every morning.

She does also consume 1 bulletproof collegen protein bar per day.

The rest of her diet consists of greens and bulletproof veggies, cruciferous family and root vegetables.

I did some research before she did this and got her taking a vitamin b supplement everyday.

My concern is there's probably more supplements than vit B sense needs to be on with her low meat intake.

Has anyone else here had similar issues with cutting out meat and/or bulletproof? Possible her protein intake is too low?

Just trying to make changes in diet before seeing a dr.


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