Female sexual dysfunction

My wife has been suffering from vaginal dryness and sensitivity. We both have been eating in the bulletproof green zone for 9 months now, but she does NOT do intermittent fasting.

In my opinion, this started about 1 month after she choose to remove meat from her diet. (Shes not fully onboard with that theory, but I see the timeline matching up).

She didn't fully remove meat, I can get her to eat a 4oz grassfed lamb burger about twice a month, and she'll eat sockeye salmon about twice a month. She does eat 1 pasture raised egg every morning.

She does also consume 1 bulletproof collegen protein bar per day.

The rest of her diet consists of greens and bulletproof veggies, cruciferous family and root vegetables.

I did some research before she did this and got her taking a vitamin b supplement everyday.

My concern is there's probably more supplements than vit B sense needs to be on with her low meat intake.

Has anyone else here had similar issues with cutting out meat and/or bulletproof? Possible her protein intake is too low?

Just trying to make changes in diet before seeing a dr.


  • I guess to clarify the question, for somebody eating a very low meat diet, is there any other recommended supplements that she should probably be on other than vitamin B?

  • try maca. it helps with the dryness, low sex drive etc. it is not recommended to take if she is on birth control. it tastes really good sprinkled on top of a sweet potato.

  • Oh wow, i've never thought these 2 absolutely different things can be interconnected .. I'm a vegan and i've never had anything like that .. may be you guys should go to a doctor .. it's better that asking advise on forums like https://meetville.com/ or this or any other..

  • I'm not sure about this problem, but there is some good articles and info at https://kindandketo.com/ It seems like you guys are eating a very reasonable diet. Sometimes the body might be fighting somethings and it takes a while to heal, idk

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