Hashimoto's Iodine


I just got all of my hormone levels checked since I had pretty much all of the hypothyroid symptoms one can imagine.

  • Brain fog,
  • Problem swallowing
  • Acne
  • Dry Nails & Dry Skin
  • Not being able to listen to people, remember things and falling asleep while reading
  • Mood Swings and Depression

up to the point where my girlfriend and I believed I am literally mentally retarted.

My doctor suspects me to have Hashimoto's although I still need to get my ultrasound.

I have supplemented with Lugol's 12% for a while back a few months ago including Selenium 200mcg and my skin and my mood drastically got better. I went to the doctor to get properly tested because I was afraid taking too much Iodine.

When I was on the Lugols for the first two days I got no problems swallowing anymore and the bad breath went away but then the bad symptoms started to come back especially the problems swallowing.

I started upping with 400 mcg iodine and 200 mcg selenium now seeing insane positive results on pretty much decreasing all of my conditions. However now I see that I shouldn't be supplementing with Iodine at all.

I am confused now because I see a lot of very good effects on me with the Iodine intake however on the fourth day now I feel might have problem swallowing.

I am afraid that stopping the Iodine will actually worsen again all of the brain fog symptoms etc..

Should I stop the Iodine and hope for the Selenium only to improve the situation or should I be upping maybe 200 mcg of Iodine instead?

Which medication should I be asking my doctor for since I am probably gonna need/be on a hormone replacement and why? What's the difference between the hormone replacements and the iodine?

Thank you in advance so much!


  • This is the result:

    TSH: 2.709 (0.35-4.94)
    FT3: 4.72 (2.63-5.70)
    FT4: 13.2 (9.01-19.0)
    TPO-Ab: 11.2 (< 5.61)
    TSH-Ab: 1.62 (< 1.75)

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    Are you still getting the Iodine from Lugol's 12% ?...
    I ask because the dosing amounts you mention of 200mcg & 400mcg would mean you would have to heavily dilute the Lugol's.

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  • I stopped the Lugol's because I was afraid on the high dose and now I am supplementing with the 200 / 400 in capsule form. I think it's the iodine that made me swallow really bad actually. Will keep on taking selenium only to see if anything improves and wait for the ultrasound. Any hormone replacement that I should be going for if I need to take it?

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