Adderall and Nootropics

Hello all,
I was wondering if someone might give me some advice or have tried it. A little about me. I been on adderall for the last 2 weeks now at 15mg. I like the focus and gets me doing things around work. since i'm in the process of getting MS cert I have a lot of reading to do. The adderall helps when i need to focus and read. But I just started noticing a couple days ago that i start to read the material and I'm not holding on to the material. it's almost like having brain fog not really remembering what I just read.

Now my question would it be bad to idea to take noopept 10mg after a couple hours of being on adderall? I was thinking about 5 hours later. Towards the end of the day is when I do most of my reading and lab work.

If anyone has any info or suggest anything else beside noopept with adderall please let me know.



  • is a great resource for those like you that are taking Adderall on a regular to semi-regular basis. Almost right of the bat it offers advice on a proper stack to help attenuate any negative effects of Adderall. I ceased any Adderall consumption due tolerance and dependence issues and thus view it as a fairly hard stimulant, after all they say with every positive there is a negative.

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