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I am very scared to fail on this diet. I did well of Keto but being a female 115 pounds, 5 feet tall and 24% Body fat, I felt hungry, weak and did not loose much weight after the initial water weight. I know counting doesn't matter but how do I know how much to eat. I cant understand the chart. I would appreciate some macro suggestion or grams of each food group like 50g carbs, xxg protien..ect.. I assume that a 200 pound man should not eat what I should eat. I do work out and stay active. In the morning I will not fast but I will do collagen, coffee and Brain Oil until noon. I wont eat after 6-7 PM.



  • Hey Doglover,

    had a quick look for "buletproof women and fasting diet" on google...

    hope these links help?

    Bob Bird.
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  • Hey Doglover,

    I know exactly where you are coming from. I started Bulletproof on 5/25/18 and really struggled in the beginning as I was trying to piece a lot of information today. I mistakenly took the advice of someone who wrote on a review about the bulletproof diet book stating do not waste your money as it is all online. I decided to not purchase at the time then regretted that 30 days later. Yes, there is a lot on the website but it is not in the methodical, well laid out format of the book. Also the book goes into so much more detail. As of today I have lost 33.4lbs thanks to Bulletproof and have had less than 2/3 of the migraines since starting Bulletproof. It was not easy but well worth it. I continue to find new resources on the BULLETPROOF Blog. Thanks to your questions, I went back to some of the information on the BULLETPROOF website. I believe these will help you:

    What will help you the most (I believe) is attached and is a picture of the recommended percentage breakout of protein, carbs, etc. from BULLETPROOF The Cookbook (page 10 for those that have it).

    The Bulletproof 30 day upgrade

    page 16 of the pdf above goes into a lot of detail on the different diets…

    Cyclical Ketogenic Diet
    Eat high fat, very low carb (<50g net
    carbs/day) 6 days a week, then have a carb
    refeed on day 7 (~150g net carbs).

    Full Ketogenic Diet
    Eat high fat, very low carb (<50g net carbs is a good rule of
    thumb), every day, with no carb refeed.

    Moderately low-carb diet
    Eat high fat with 100-150g of net carbs every day.
    Women often do best with this option – lower-carb can
    sometimes mess with your hormones. 100-150g may work well
    for you if you’re working out a ton, too – some athletes find they
    burn out with fewer than 100g of carbs on workout days
    (although it’s certainly possible to rock your workouts while
    in ketosis).

    Bulletproof Cyclical Keto Meal Plan:

    I found this pdf well after I started the diet and was really helped by seeing how the meals were laid out and what portions were carb, protein, fat, etc.

    Hope this helps and just take one day at a time. You will be successful if you stick with it and keep trying. This diet/life style changed my life and continues to change it. I am a believer even though my family, friends, and co-workers think I am crazy and have finally lost it. I tell them no that I have finally found the answer and feel Bulletproof!

  • thank you so much, I have been doing some berries at night. I am not feeling very good and having a hard time working out. I cant do my typical hitt sprints and my heart is going up like crazy. My keto strips have turned purple. I am hoping the carb up day this saterday will help!

  • I have the same problem with working out. Whether it is the intermitent fasting with tea and brain octane oil or low carb protein breakfast (bacon, eggs over easy in a lavash wrap), my stomach doesn't feel well enough to work out which I miss. Before bulletproof, I would have a banana then workout. I find myself not working out as frequently but am still losing weight. There are some meals where I feel sick after eating and I take coconut charcoal which helps me feel better faster. It absorbs what was eating and helps to move it out faster.

    Are you losing weight? My weight definitely fluctuates depending on what I eat and how my body reacts to it. I try to track everything but some days are better than others.

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