PE Pipe Machine quotation

75-630mm Large Diameter Coextrusion HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line
Raw material+master batches→Mixing→Vacuum Feeding→Material dryer→Single Screw Extruder→Color String Extruder→Moulds→Vacuum Calibrator Tank→spray cooling water tank→color-ribbon printer→QY Series Caterpillar Haul-off Machine→planetary Cutter→Stacker
Features specifications:
1.This machine group consists mainly of vacuum calibrating tank, haul-off unit, cutting unit, stacker.
2.Single screw extruder and haul-off unit have applied A/C inverter, both vacuum pump and driving motor have applied excellent products.
3.The haul-off unit includes two-claw type, three-claw type, four-claw type, six-claw type, eight-claw type, ten-claw type, etc. Scraps free cutting, saw cutting or planetary cutting can be applied, the property of machine group is reliable.
4.The production efficiency is high. With special device, it can produce inner wall spiral pipe, inner wall hollow pipe, and core layer foaming pipe.
5.It can also produce PP, PE,ABS,PPR,PEX, silicon core pipe and pipe material of other material.
The planetary cutting machine is fully automatic computer digital control; it has such advantages of simple operation, reliable property.
Main technical parameter:
Pipe range16-63mm20-110mm75-160mm90-250mm110-315mm160-500mm315-630mm500-800mm
Extruder power37kw56kw110kw110kw160kw185kw250kw335kw
Extrusion capacity60-kg/h100-150kg250-300kg250-300kg350-400kg400-500kg450-750kg750-1000kg
Max.production speed10m/min6m/min6m/min6m/min3m/min2m/min0.9m/min0.7m/min
About us:
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The 75-630mm large diameter coextrusion hdpe pipe extrusion line made in our factory has applied quality raw materials and world top class technology. Please rest assured to buy the cheap equipment made in China in stock from us and check the quotation with us. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we won't let you down.PE Pipe Machine quotation


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