woven plastic bags

Our Company have 8 Large PP woven fabric production lines, 30sets circulor loom .the folding diameter specifications is3.5m,3.65m, 3.90m, 3.91m, 3.95m, 3.96m, 3.97m, and 4m, the annual production capacity is 3,000 tons.
The production of PP woven fabric for flexitank is 175g-350g (PP-radial tension reached 1800N, elongation at break of 15%;,zonal polypropylene strands force up to 2021N, elongation at break of 19.55%) with high tensile, high strength and fully meet customer requirements.
Our factory specializing in the production of all kinds of flexitank PP woven cloth.
material: polypropylene
Model(folded width bobbin cloth):3m、3.4m、3.5m、3.65m、3.8m、3.95m、4m、4.2m and so on.
volume:20” container、40” container
delivery time:7 days
transport:FOB shanghai
SGS certification
If you're looking for the 175g、180g、230g flexitank cloth made in China, welcome to buy or wholesale the product in bulk from our factory. As one of the leading suppliers in China, we will also offer you the customized service with cheap price.woven plastic bags


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