makeup and hair practice head quotation

Product name:
training female hairdressing long hair doll head hair wig blonde human hair
Hair Material: 100% human hair (100% Indian hair,Chinese hair)
Color: natural color( brown/wine/blonde/customer requirement)
Hair Style(Texture):body wave,silky straight,and curly styles are available
Packaging:PP/PVC bags, also do customized packaging with your own logo or brand
Product specification:
1.Use a mild shampoo, rinse the hair and leave it to dry.
2.Comb with a wire brush after the hair become dry.
3.If the hair is straight, please straighten it after washing. If it is wave, please put some hair gel on it to hole the wave.
4.The hair can be dyed, but please remember that do not do this frequently. And use the nutrition water after washing
5.It is better to choose the combs with round head and row spacing.
6.Washing liquid must be acid.
7.Do not expose the hair to sunlight too long.
8.When blowing the hair, keep certain distance between the hair and the hair drier.
9.Do not grasping the root of the hair forcibly when washing.
Q1 Are you Factory
A: Yes, we are a professtional factory with 5 years production experience .
Q2 How much of the Product?
A: The price will be different according to different items, so please kindly let me know which item do you need an your requrement. then we can quote for you exactly.
Q3 What is your MOQ?
A For dfferent items, MOQ will be different, for example hair brush MOQ
Q4 Can your make customized item?
A Yes, we can make it
Q5 Can I have my own logo and my own package?
A Yes, we can make customer's logo and package.
If you're looking for such wigs in bulk, welcome to buy or wholesale the most suitable training female hairdressing long hair doll head hair wig blonde human hair made in China at a discount from us. We are one of the leading wigs manufacturers which possesses many products in stock and also offers the customized service and the quotation and hair practice head quotation


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