Do I really need Grass-Fed/Organic/Wonder Products?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a new member to the forum and have recently discovered the whole butter coffee thing over the past couple months and have made it part of my morning routine and health plan.

My main question is about the ingredients that I’m using. First of all, I realize grass-fed and organic butter and MCT oil, mold free coffee beans are technically better, in theory, than just plain grocery store unsalted butter and coconut oil. But how much better? Where I live I’ve only seen grass-fed butter in a few shops and its four times the price of regular butter. Same with MCT oil, its three-four times the price of extra virgin coconut oil. I already feel like paying a small premium for virgin cold pressed coconut oil over the regular stuff is enough of a health nut tax. Are these products really three or four times better and worth the extra money? And do they offer a health benefit in ratio to their extra cost? Or is it mostly marketing and lining the pockets of people who know that wonder products make for huge profit margins?

Not trying to stir up controversy, I’m just a little skeptical about the real benefits to all these upgrades. I’ve just been using plain unsalted butter and a decent virgin coconut oil from my grocery store, and it still seems to be working miracles for me.


  • The theory of the diet is thatr you are avoiding foods that cause inflammation. Grass fed fats and organic products supposedly do not have the inflammatory properties that products from factory farms and non-organic agriculture/gmo products have. So, it is certainly better to go with organic and grass fed. But, the book says that the pure diet is a goal, and you can do whatever you want. Realistically, it seems that, for the weight-loss properties, the low-carb part of the diet is what accomplishes that. So, when you ask if it is "really necessary," it is both a matter of degree and your personal goals.

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