What kind of local doctor/alternative practice should I look for?

There is so much information out there (and in here of course), but I don't know enough to really put things together properly and want someone I can turn to for guidance. An MD would be ideal I think, as maybe they can put some tests through insurance, but any kind of alternative practice that understands these kinds of things should work.

Just an example...

I convinced my endocrinologist to test me for inflammation because a close family member recently was diagnosed with cancer (sometimes she obliges my odd requests even though she's only treating me for thyroid). Also I just got a new primary doctor (not sure I like him yet), he had some tests he wanted done too, so the lab ran them all and sent each doctor the full results.

My appt with my endo isn't until end of this month but just for example - this primary doctor looking at my lab results, sees high C-REATIVE PROTEIN (9.6, down from 18 mg/L nine months ago), and high HS CRP (7.4 mg/L). He looks at this and says "not really sure why your endo is testing for this, but by itself - it doesn't mean anything"). Well based on podcast #522, which was super interesting (Dale Bresesen, Quest to End Alzheimer's), this is a very important test for inflammation, and my doctor wasn't concerned at all about my high levels.

Another example - I've recently been logging everything I eat (using cronometer). I've been on and off keto, now going to paleo more due to high fat causing stomach issues with me. In my logging, I realized I'm deficient in calcium based on what I'm eating, so I decided to add a calcium supplement. Luckily I stumbled on the information quickly that I SHOULD NOT be taking calcium with my magnesium supplements. Had no idea.

So ideally, I'd like to find some kind of doctor or alternative practice that can help guide me through this and other things. Someone who understands the kind of things that Dave Asprey and his guests talk about, can prescribe tests if possible, and help me plan my overall strategy.

Like I'm thinking of starting a course of probiotics like P3-OM (but they have different products and I need advisement on which ones to take based on my needs)

If anyone knows of a good practice in South Florida please let me know, or otherwise what kind of practice should I Google for exactly? ("Alternative Medicine", "Functional Medicine")?



  • Dang, sad to see no one responded to this. I have the same question for the Denver area pretty much. There is one episode where Dave and his colleague (the guy who leads the Bulletproof coaching program, I think, can't remember his name) basically answer questions from twitter. In that episode they both mention that finding a "Functional Medicine" doctor is the way to go for helping determine mineral deficiencies and what not.

    When I search for Functional Medicine in Denver I'm mostly finding Chiropractors, and I have had kind of a poor history with Chiropractors, mostly find those obsessed with homeopathic remedies that I'm skeptical about.

  • Since this forum is fairly non-active, I found this forum/site that seems to also have a lot of like-minded people and joined over there:


  • Nice! I'll take a look!

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