Self induced vomiting and gut bacteria?

Every since I threw on purpose after eating this cake(which I didn't know was 7 days old) I've been feeling bloated all the time,no stomach pain,no acid reflux ,just bloated I do poop but not like I used to,what's happening to me? Should I take probiotics ?
I am adding Activia yogurts to my diet and I always have oatmeals
And why is it that when I fast for 16 hours I tend to poop huge?
I wanna know if the self induced vomiting did something to my gut flora or something
Before all this I used to have 2 to 3 bowels movements a day and even if I ate like crazy i wouldn't get bloated now after this incident I im constipated...
What should I do??
I'm.not a bulimic I'm just some skateboarder kid

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